How to travel cheap and other travel tips

You can travel to any part of the world without borrowing or overstretching your resources. These traveling tips aim to help enjoy travel without stretching your funds. If you stick to the traveling ideas and tips below, you can enjoy the best travels without wrecking your finances and yet get the best of such tours.

How to travel on a budget and save plenty of money on vacation

There are lots of thing you can do to travel cheap. It all comes down to your personality but these tips and ideas are the ones that can be easily implemented by anyone.

Fly with a budget airline

Planning for the travel, you must consider budget airlines. If you opt for the most expensive airlines, you will spend all your savings. The budget airline remains the most effective way of saving money on international and local travel. There are lots of such budget airlines. The other way to reduce airline costs is the avoid heavy luggage and choose the middle seat. If you opt for better perks you will pay more and that is detrimental to your travel budget. Always think of the best way to save money on an airline.

You are to find a place in the middle because securing a spot at the aisle or the window could mean more money. Look for ways of reducing costs while boarding the aircraft and the idea above is one of them.

The other reason you can consider budget airlines is that they offer friendly policies. This remains the best way you can travel but you can get the best by avoiding those things that lead to extra charges.

Look for rental condos

If you arrive at your destination through a budget friendly airline, another way of reducing cost is in accommodation. Opting for hotel accommodation will cost you more. Because of that, it is better that you opt for rental condos or Airbnb. This is cheaper than taking a hotel accommodation. Rental condos are becoming popular among travelers for several reasons. The first is that apart from being cheaper, it can offer you space where you can do a lot of things. It affords you the wonderful opportunity to live like locals as you are freer because of the spaces available for you at a cheaper cost. The cost of such accommodation is cheaper than paying for hotel accommodation.

Besides, condos offer other advantages. Some of them have a kitchen with associated amenities. This implies you can prepare you are own food. In the process, you can save a substantial amount of money on feeding.

Do away with overpriced hotspots

In any part of the world, you travel to, there are spots known as overpriced and budget-friendly. Some of the places do not sell food at expensive prices. In others, they can sell at affordable prices. Since you are going to stay in a condo you are going to save plenty of money in terms of feeding. There are some parts of the world known to be budget-friendly, especially in southeast Asia. Some of the countries you can consider traveling to on a budget include such countries as Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Argentina, Honduras, Hungary as well as Vietnam.

An inexpensive family cruise can be a choice

If you get settled and you are looking for spots to look around, you can consider using the inexpensive family cruise to travel to those destinations. At a single price, you can reach all those places you want to travel to a cheaper fee.

This often requires an upfront payment. The payment covers most of the things you require for that travel. If you want to travel with your family, you can consider this option since it is better in terms of accommodation, food, as well as entertainment. You can cruise to the most important places that matter without spending your money on air travel.

The other great thing about this option is that there are plenty of discount cruise lines. This means that you can secure that services at a cheaper cost. Some of them do cover one country to another. These cruises are free of those challenges and other itineraries.

Consider using Couchsurfing

You can consider Couchsurfing. Many people rate it high since it is regarded as a generous host. If you have a solid arrangement with them you can save a substantial amount of money on your trips. They will open for you their facilities depending on the length of time you agree with them. This is an app and a wonderful one that can assist you to organize the trip. You can rely on this to search for a host in a destination you are traveling to. The app can equally assist you to evaluate the host by comparing their hosting history as well as biodata. They offer different kinds of accommodation arrangements such as a couch, spare bedroom, as well as spare bed and so on. The most important thing is to make an arrangement and firm that arrangement with them. You will save substantially at the end of the trip. The other interesting thing about this system is that it is global. This means that you can engage the services worldwide. It can link you to generous hosts nobody knows about before.

Eat your meals where locals eat

When you arrive at your destination, you can eat only in those places where locals like to eat. Some reasons make them eat at such a place. Do not visit the western kind of restaurants because you are going to blow all your money within the next few days and that could mar your trip. If you discover those places that locals like to eat, you can patronize those places. They are likely cheaper and you can save plenty of money in terms of food alone. You can get the kind of food you like from those places the locals like to eat. It is a nice idea and you save a substantial amount of money at the end of the trip and you are going to get value.

Credit cards with perks

Try to patronize the credit card to offer incentives for travelers. Travel credit cards are known for that kind of perks and you can search for it to ensure that you get the best. Some of them are traveler-friendly because they can offer you free trip cancellation as well as interruption insurance. Some of them do provide primary auto rental coverage, as well as trip delay insurance. Most of these providers offer baggage delay coverage as well as emergency evacuation coverage and travel accident insurance and lots more. Look for cards that can help to recoup the cost you incurred in the cost of your travels. You can get such perks with travel cards that offer high travel maintenance or annual fees. Some cards charge lower fees that can provide similar services. You must search for them diligently.

Avoid paying foreign transaction fees

This is another area you can save costs. It is advisable to look for those credit cards that do not charge for any foreign transaction or purchases done abroad. Fees they charge can vary and it can be three percent for a transaction of every one hundred dollars you conduct.

The money spent on such fees is a waste and you can do anything to avoid paying such fees. Because of that, you must explore those cards that do not charge for foreign transactions done on the card.

Timing for the travel is important

Another thing to consider to save the cost of travel is timing. Try to make the travel schedule flexible because you can save in the process. Some people prefer to travel in the middle of the week than at the weekend. Overnight travel can also be cheaper. The best way to travel is to avoid doing so in the peak season. If you choose the off-peak season, you can save a substantial amount of money in the process. Ensure that the time frame is not tight. If it is tight you are bound to pay more and you can minimize that by making the travel more flexible.

Look for fun activities you can do free

It is good to remind that sunrise and sunset are free. Many people always look for the tour booking office when they arrive at their destination. Some of them embark on luxury activities that can cost them a fortune to do. Some of the luxury things they pay for are expensive and not necessary. Some activities are free which you cannot pay to enjoy. People visiting New Zealand can engage in such activities as Gili Islands scuba diving which is one hundred free.

When you are planning such a trip, be more responsible and spend your time looking for places you can explore free or without overspending on your trip. Such places are available in any part of the world. The only problem is that you have not taken your time to explore the places without overspending yourself.

Split costs when you travel with friends

If you are traveling with other people, you can achieve a lot and you can share the costs when you travel with friends or family members. For instance, you can decide to share a hotel as well as the rental car cost. It is another way to bring down the overall cost when you travel as a group. You should know you are on the trip to save money. Be ready to share a room in the motel with other members of the team you travel with. Do not shy aware of splitting the cost amongst them. The same thing applies to car rental and you should be able to squeeze with others in the car since you can save money in the process.

Sober savings

You can also save more by being careful with what you eat. It is possible to do away with alcohol especially if it becomes very expensive. In some parts of the world, the cost of beer is even more expensive than the cost of feeding. It means that you should not engage in any of those things that can consume your money. You can save a substantial amount of money by doing that.

Learn how to make road trips

If you are interested in saving costs during your trips, you can learn how to travel on roads and rails because it can save money than flying on the air. During such travels, you can monitor most of the places you want to see and you can interact with other people in the process. You can save a substantial amount of money in the process. You can even rent your rental if you think it is the safest for you. Otherwise, you can travel with others you can benefit more from doing that if you travel with others.

If you are traveling in Europe and you’re under 30, check the interrail!

Bring your food

Part of this was mentioned earlier. Instead of buying expensive food from expensive restaurants. Do not buy every meal and you can cook some. In the alternative, you can pack a sandwich as part of the dinner and you can as well cook yours because you can save money in the process. This means that you must be selective in the place where you stay if you do not want to eat outside but eat what you prepare for yourself. It is a good option since you are going to save a substantial amount of money in the process. If you visit places like Israel, you discover that feeding is very expensive, you can save cost in such a situation by cooking your food.

Slowly is the best way to save cost

If you travel, the most expensive item on the list that can consume most of the money is the issue of transport. The way to save money is that you should not travel to too many places because you can spend all the money you have in that process. There is nothing wrong with staying in one, two, or three places and explore them. You can spend your time and catch up with friends located at the place you visit. Take it slowly. You can do other things while you are in that area like reading books, or engaging in any kind of work. You can keep yourself busy without indulging in extensive travels that can consume all the money. You can save costs and have a memorable journey at the same time.


Their travel ideas can help you save a substantial amount of money. These ideas are time tested. It works for others and it can work for you.

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