Top 15 European cheapest countries for your next trip

Europe is perfect for those who love culture, good food and good wine but the differences in pricing among the different countries is huge. If you are on a budget take a look at this list of the European cheapest countries and i’m sure you’ll find inspiration for your next trip.

1. Bulgaria

2. Hungary

3. Romania

4. Czech Republic

5. Poland

6. Slovakia

Bratislava at sunset – aerial view, Slovakia

7. Iceland

8. Italy


Italy is perhaps the most expensive of this list but it’s cheap when compared to other European countries like France, Germany or the UK. It’s also a great country with awesome food, culture and beautiful beaches. Definitely worth the money!

9. Portugal

european cheapest countries - portugal

Portugal is safe and is the cheapest country in western Europe. Famous for it’s pristine beaches, great and cheap seafood and fabulous wine. If you never visited Portugal search no more. You won’t be disappointed!

10. Albania


11. Greece

12. Ireland


13. Slovenia

14. Spain


15. Croatia


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