These are the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe!

Choosing the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe is an (almost) impossible mission! The more I travel here the more I realize the incredible places I still have to visit. But one of the most unforgettable trips I made here was the train journey between Oslo and Bergen, in Norway. After having admired that fascinating landscape along the way, I started thinking about the most beautiful trips I made in Europe and that’s when I decided to write this post…

These cities are beautiful from my perspective, so it’s very subjective, you know? I like architecture, trying typical foods, getting lost in the streets and chatting with the locals. This cultural exchange is important to make me feel the real vibe of the place and make me like (or not) a city!

The 10 most beautiful cities in Europe


I love visiting Stockholm, the charm of this city changes every season: the white of the snow in winter, the golden of the trees in the fall, the pink of the cherry trees in the spring and the incredible green in the parks during the summer.

It is like living in a different city each season, as the change in climate also changes the mood and the type of activities we do here. In Stockholm there is no room for monotony!


most beautiful cities in europe

Porto is as sweet as sugar, and if you have plans to visit the city you will definitely remember that. It is impossible not to be addicted! I went for the first time in 2008, for a 1 year exchange, I loved it so much that I stayed there for another 4 years.

How can we not love a city that reinvented itself after the crisis, that transformed old mansions into modern cafés, restaurants, shops or even beautiful hotels?

The typical houses of the historic center, the super lively ballads of downtown, the Portuguese gastronomy, the charm of the Ribeira with the five bridges of the Douro River … and you know that dessert that when it ends there is a taste for more? Porto is like that! Hey most beautiful city!

In fact, did you know that Porto has already received the title of best tourist destination in Europe three times?

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If I had made this post 6 months ago, Paris would probably not be on the list of the most beautiful cities in Europe. My first trip to the French capital was in 2009 and I didn’t get the first impression. So it was necessary to return! And it was on that last trip to Paris that I surrendered to the charms of the city Luz. Picnic at the Eiffel Tower, walks in the Luxembourg Garden, the glamor of the Lido cabaret, with the right to chocolate, macaroons and champagne. Even the French rude way won me over. After all, it’s part of the show!

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London was love at first sight! I visited the city in 2012, in the middle of the Olympic Games. The city won me over right away mainly by the organization. Everything was geared to serve tourists well, even those who spoke English still a little “tabajara” as was the case at the time (rs).

Visiting so many famous attractions that we see in movies and reaching them with the help and sympathy of the locals is priceless!

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I love Italy and everything related to Italian culture! Knowing Rome has always been in my plans. In addition to architecture and all of Rome history is full of peculiar events. There happen things that we only think exist in cinema, you know the book-film “Comer, Rezar e Amar”, in which several unusual situations are experienced by the protagonist? In Rome, anything can really happen. And even better, everything washed down with good wine and good Italian pasta!


bergen, norway

Bergen is a super charming little town located in one of the most incredible regions in the world, right at the entrance to Norway’s magnificent fjords. The Brygggen district, right in front of the port of Bergen, with its colorful wooden houses, the picturesque fish market, where we can delight in the super fresh seafood and the 7 mountains around the city. It is a stunning blend of nature and architecture! Bergen really deserves a spot on my list of the most beautiful cities in Europe!


brussels, belgium

A stroll through the square in the historic center of charming Brussels and you will understand that travelers don’t need a diet! A different temptation for all sides: beer shops, waffle stands, french fries stands and chocolate factories. It’s a lot of delicious food to experiment with beautiful monuments as a background. Brussels is pure charm!



The biggest cliché we can talk about when traveling around Europe is to relate Amsterdam to bicycles, but I’m sorry. Is there a nicer cliche than that? I was enchanted by the tune of Amsterdam. Bicycles parked in every corner of the city, the tulips adorning the gardens, the charm of the bridges over the canals and the boathouses and the possibility of visiting landmarks in the history of Europe and the world, such as the Anne Frank Museum, for example. Amsterdam is all beautiful!


Madrid is my favorite city in Spain. It was there that I visited a Royal Palace for the first time, where works of art that I studied so much, and learned to enjoy a good picnic in the Park. Not to mention that the night starts with “cañas y tapas”, and I think this idea of ​​“a drink and a snack” is one of the most charming things in Europe!


Munich is a beautiful and lively city! It has activities for all styles, tastes and pockets. Outdoor tours, museums, beer “gardens”. It is no wonder that Munich is one of the most visited cities in Europe. There are so many interesting attractions that a trip is not enough to enjoy everywhere. We must go back!

And what about you, what is the most beautiful city you have ever visited in Europe?